Waites Ventures was formed by Jenna Waites, a former engineer turned entrepreneur, with the mission to aid small business owners in growth and success.


We firmly believe that entrepreneurs and small businesses are the backbone of our communities and economies. The more success small businesses have, the better off we all are.


Having been involved in the small business community since 2008, we have found that so many entrepreneurs start a business because they have a specific marketable skill or an idea they want to explore. Yet, most of us when we start our own business do not have knowledge or training on what it takes to run and grow a successful business.


It is very easy for owners to end up working more than they did when they had a job and not have the same financial rewards…which is not why any of us get into business for ourselves.


This is exactly what we want to fix.


We have found that overwhelmed and overworked business owners achieve greater successes, have more free time and experience less headaches, when they utilize our 3 step Power BPS.TM


Find out more about the Power BPSTM here.