Our Executive Done With You Service will Help You and Your Team Every Step of the Way!

Following our Power BPS™ formula, we work with you to ensure you receive the customized help you need to create the success you are looking for.

You'll have intensive individual support to assist you to create solutions for your most frustrating operational headaches.

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We Can Help You Cut the Overwhelm and Exhaustion of Running Your Business and Allow You to:

Define Your Destination

Have you gotten so wrapped up in the day to day that you have forgotten what you truly want from your business? Or did you start just to not work with someone else and now don't know where to go

Reclaim Your Time

Do you ever feel like your you are running in the hamster wheel or are having to play fireman, constantly putting out fires. There is another way!

Our Consulting Program works to ensure that the business runs smoothly without being you being over run by it. It is essential for the health of the business that you have the time freedom to develop your business to take it to where you want it to go.

Increase Your Profits

As owners we are often the biggest bottlenecks to the business growth we desire.  Yet, it doesn’t have to be that way…in fact it can’t if you want to see real growth. 

In addition to giving you back time to focus on what is most important in your business and life, we work to make your business more profitable. Not only do we streamline processes to reduce expenses, we also assist in filling in any holes to ensure you are not leaving money on the table.

Achieve the Business of Your Dreams

This isn't a myth; it isn't "some people can, but not me." It is all about implementing the right strategies that will make the biggest and quickest impact!

Have a Guide Every Step of the Way

You are a strong, smart and resourceful person, yet to be the success we dream of we all need assistance in areas that are not our strength. We will be that assistance and outside eye to push you in the right direction. 


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This Service Makes it Simple for You to:

  • Free up time

    to focus on what is most important, like growing your business OR your family!

  • Make your business more profitable

    by decreasing wasted money and strengthening revenue

  • Get clarity on the business priorities

    so you you know what to work on that will provide that biggest/quickest benefit

  • Have your specific questions answered

    to meet the needs of your business

  • Create a business that runs for you, not because of you

    so you can step out of the day to day management and (gasp) take a vacation

  • ... and much, MUCH more!

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Get a jump start towards building the business of your dreams For Only $1,200/mo


This is Made For You If You Are:


Those ready to take their business to the next level

Ready to Work

You will be given assignments and must be ready to complete them

We like to be fully transparent and upfront.
This program isn't for everyone so make sure you are ready and willing to be 100% in or this won't produce the results you want.

What is Included

  • One 4-Hour Strategic Planning Session

    In our first month we will set and review goals, priorities and activities to reach them. We will also do a 1 hourfollow up call.

  • 5 Hours of phone time each month

    After the 1st month we will discuss and review your work, what is next and be here to support your needs and questions. We can break this into 90-minute calls, hour long calls ,or quick 30 minute check in calls as often as you need them. These calls are open to you or your staff.

  • Email Support

    If you or your team needs a little extra help between our calls, just email us

  • Assignment review

    Assignments and feedback will be reviewed by email

  • Complete Customization

    To ensure we meet the needs of your specific business

Ready to Bring Your Business To The Next Level?

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You will Receive Individual Advice in Areas Like:

  • Setting priorities that will advance your business quickly

  • Increasing lead conversion

  • Assessing the current true state of your business operations

  • Improving client happiness

  • Learning what and how to delegate or outsource

  • Effectively managing your time

  • Understanding how to achieve replicable results every time

  • Reducing unnecessary expenses

  • How your business will keep running...even when you aren't working

  • Avoiding pitfalls of micro-managing

  • Overcoming inadequate results

  • How to set and reach attainable goals

What is the Process?

  • Make your 1st payment

    You will be sent a link to make your first payment and you will be set up for automatic renewal charges each month.

  • Schedule Your Strategic Planning Call

    We will meet via webinar for 4 hours.

  • Get Ready to Work on Our Call

    At your scheduled date and time be prepared with pen and paper to take notes and work through on your strategic plan.

  • Stay in Touch about Your Progress and Roadblocks

    Take advantage of your call time during the month to catch up on what you are working on what what is next.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied within your first 30 days we will refund your money and cancel your subscription

Our Success Stories

"“When I first brought Jenna on, I was heavily involved in managing staff and setting up what staff was doing. Like with customer service we created rules; when would we refund; when we did they need to check with me before they could do a refund. And Jenna created these systems so we could hand all this off to Meagen, who became the Operations Manager and in the end I only had 1 person who was coming to me with things because it was all very streamlined. All of these things were steamlined and improved and it allowed our company to run smoothly and still run now without me needing to be involved.”"Greig Wells - Tampa, FL

"Jenna is a LIFESAVER. She is the most organized, detail-oriented and savvy person I have ever met. Jenna took the chaos of my business and added systems, software tools and shortcuts so that I could serve my clients better. She saved me hours in lost productivity, commutes and headaches by systematizing things. Every business owner should bring in Jenna and see what magic she could create and see how much easier life can be!"Saura Johnston - San Francisco, CA

“Like any business owner, I always have a seemingly never-ending list of tasks to be accomplished. Urgent tasks often take precedence over important ones which makes it even more challenging to grow. One of the important tasks that always seems to get pushed aside is taking the time to create systems and document processes. Waites Ventures has been invaluable in this respect. Jenna has taken the time to understand our business needs and build systems for our contractors and employees. This not only enables them to get more work done, but also frees up some of my time to focus on bigger challenges. ”
Erik Hitzelberger - Louisville, KY

Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level?

Every minute you wait is another minute you will continue to be buried deeper in the business.
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