Our economy depends on the creation of more successful businesses. This is why I built this business to assist our current business owners create stronger, more profitable businesses.But I didn’t want to start there. The foundation of our future starts with our kids and giving them the opportunities to learn and thrive.

Unfortunately today nearly 16 million of our kids in the US live in households that do not have consistent access to healthy food.

Having access to a reliable source of good nutrition is essential for kids to be able to grow, thrive and concentrate on learning. This is essential to ensuring the physical and mental health of kids and their prosperity. Many health and academic issues have been linked to poor nutrition.

In addition to seeing our current business owners thrive and reach their goals. I am committed to seeing our next generation of business owners thrive and not having enough food to eat shouldn’t stand in the way of that.

Therefore it is my commitment to assist in the effort to make sure kids have the best opportunity to become the best they can by helping care for a basic human need.

With your help together we can give a child a fighting chance…

A portion of my revenue will be donated to fund meals to those in need!

I’ve teamed up Feeding America which has programs that provide additional assistants to families that struggle to put food on the table. We all know that many schools provide free breakfast and lunch program to children in need; however what happens when these kids go home?

They may not eat from Friday lunch until Monday breakfast.

Our economy has been hit hard over the past several years and many were affected. This isn’t the fault of our kids and it is our responsibility to ensure that the future of our country looks better than what it is today.

Feeding America has local branches all over the country and my clients have the opportunity to designate which one they would like me to donate to.
To find out more please visit: http://feedingamerica.org/

I look forward to working with you and giving out kids a fighting chance!


Jenna Waites
Waites Business Architecture