Our Power Business Process System™
is the backbone of everything we do.

We developed this process to best serve our
Business Consulting Clients and is now the basis of our 
Advisory Service and all of our Training Programs and Documents.

The Power BPS™ Formula is made up of 3 main components:

  • Set Your Course

    If you don’t know where you are going any road will do. – This keeps you trapped in a hamster wheel, running to exhaustion and constantly busy, but never actually moving forward or reaching your dream.

  • Rev Up Your Roadmap

    Once you Set Your Course, it is crucial to plan out how you will get there to ensure you stay on track and move forward instead of just tackling whatever situation is thrown at you.

  • Dominate Your Destination

    To continue on the path toward achieving the business of your dreams it is important to create and implement processes and systems that produce repeatable results and let you escape the details of day to day management and free you up to focus on building the business of your dreams.

With our proprietary formula for maximizing business efficiency
Business Process Systems are essential to take a business from being reliant on you, to one that will operate even when you are not working.
Unfortunately, most business owners start out with a dream of time and or financial freedom but work more than most with a normal job without a similar financial benefit.
The resources available to small business owners are limited to those without the expertise to make it quick and easy for them to start achieving their dreams.
This is exactly why Jenna founded Waites Ventures and created a
proprietary 3-component model for exponential growth – The Power BPS TM

Power BPS Diagram
As you see from this model, it is comprised of three separate pieces that require connection to create the stable platform your business needs to achieve sustainable growth – and to allow you to reach your dreams.
Most companies start out with some type of vision. Some even create a few processes. Very few have a strategy in place to ensure they stay the course and utilize processes to their full potential.
This is what makes the Power BPS TM approach so different…and effective.
You’ve probably heard that only about 50% of small business survive past 5 years*. Did you know however that this statistic is basically the same year after year and doesn’t have significant changes based on economic times?
So why do so many small businesses close or fail within 5 years?
It was found that a staggering 87% of these businesses didn’t make it due to
incompetence, unbalanced experience or lack of experience.
This shows how critical it is to receive help in the areas of business that are not your specialty. Too often business owners took on too many roles, as is necessary in the beginning, yet they don’t know when or how to escape that trap and those who do don’t have experience on how to properly train and manage employees.
It is essential to align your goals with a practical roadmap and ensure you have sustained results. 
Each of these 3 puzzle pieces will only show you the big picture when put together. Combining these strategies will ensure that your business runs smoothly, more profitably and frees up your time to focus on whatever is most important to you…time with family or business growth.