This is both a time and a sanity saver: Lastpass. It is a program that can live on your desktop, your browsers AND your mobile phone that will securely store all of your logins, credit cards and even standard information you repeated use to fill in forms online (name, address, […]

Keep Passwords, Sites & Credit Cards Safe and Easy to ...

As a follow up to last week’s Time Saving Tip, here is another time saver related to videos. I don’t know about you, but I often get frustrated with how slow some people talk and just want them to get on with it so I can get the information I need […]

How to Watch Videos Faster

Do ever miss a webinar you wanted to watch because but didn’t have time to tune in it aired?  Did you realize the vast majority of webinars are NOT live? That is good news for you. There are plugins that will allow you to download pretty much any video online. […]

How to Record a Webinar You are Attending (or don’t ...

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