I’m excited to welcome you to my new site where I look forward to sharing great information on how you can streamline your business to increase your revenue WHILE working less!  

Slow down and be present

Happy 4th!! Little spur of the moment vacation video (sorry I just ate!) to ponder on the importance of slowing down from our hurried routines to take the time to embrace what is currently happening around us Hope you take time today to focus on the present and the amazing things currently surrounding you!  

The Single Best Thing You Can Do For Your Business

Being a Business Efficiency Nerd (yes that is my official title. LOL) I am probably expected to say the most important thing for your business are documented processes or something along those lines. Yes, of course, I think that is important, but there is something even greater than this.   A Coach!   You need…

Forget the 4 Hour Work Week

Do you find yourself working on weekends and holidays? Have you been taken in by the dream of the 4 hour work week to still be working 20 hour days, 7 days a week? There is hope, but only…