What Needs Do You Have?

Looking for Guidance?

Our Advisor program is best suited for you if you are looking for someone to help lay out the path and hold you accountable.

Utilizing our Power BPS™ formula you receive the same benefits as our consulting clients. The only difference is that we guide you through the process instead of doing the work for you.

With our weekly check-ins and unlimited email support, we are here to assist you every step of the way to growing your business and reclaiming your time!

We find this most beneficial for smaller businesses and those who are just starting out. 

Find Out How We Can Help You

Discover how you can work one-on-one with us to guide you through the next steps in your business.

Looking for a Concierge Service?

Our Consulting program is best suited for you, if you are looking for someone to step in and either do what you don’t have the time to, or the proper skills and training to do. 

Utilizing our Power BPS™ formula we work with you through every step of your journey from design of new processes, to implementation and training, to follow up and any necessary revisions. 

You can work with us on just one very specific area of your business or have us step in to evaluate and work through every aspect of the operations and management of your business.

This program allows you to relax and know that your baby is in capable hands and that good changes are being made that will help you reach your goals without the time, headache and trial and error of doing it all yourself!

We find this most beneficial for owners with successful businesses who find they have no time, have gotten in over their heads or want to take their business to the next level. 

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Looking for a Self Study Program?

We now offer online training materials to help those who are most interested in learning more about how to start running their business and stop being run by it. 

We have been working hard to compile all of our knowledge and the tools we have used to help companies increase their revenue by over 70% and given owners a chance to take a vacation, knowing the business is still running without them.

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Find out the exact methods we use with our clients that allow them to build the business of their dreams.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Running a business takes a lot of time and focus and often we know we want things to be different, but we don’t know where to start or what will best serve our needs. 

This is why we offer an a personal Business Assessment. 

You get up to an hour on the phone with us to review the current state of your business, your needs and recommendations to help you move forward. 

Those recommendations might include information about one of our offers if we feel you are a good fit and could benefit from what we have to offer.

However please be aware this call is intended to truly help give you a fresh perspective and some tips to get you moving in the right direction towards your goals. We NEVER do high pressure sales and we are the first to clarify that our offers are not right for everyone.

We are simply committed to assisting as many small business owners as we can. 

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Get personalized recommendations on what you can do to kick start the next phase of your business.

Want to hear or have Jenna speak at an event?

If you are interested in hearing Jenna live or having her come to your group, she offers speaking engagements, workshops and trainings.

She custom tailors her approach and topics to match the audience and desires of the group to provide the most engaging and educational presentations possible. 

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