Benefits of Business Architecture

In Business by Jenna Waites

Just like with structures, every business needs an architect and a builder. Most business owners build their businesses with no thought of the design and overall functionality. Imagine a home where you walk in the front door and enter directly into a bathroom, which then leads you into the kitchen, where you pass through into the garage. The door across the garage opens up into the master bedroom which will finally lead you into the living room.

All the important elements are there, but it is difficult to navigate and you waste a lot of time navigating the entire house to go from your bedroom to the bathroom in the morning to shower. Anyone new coming to you home gets very confused and can not easily find where they need to go.

Wouldn’t you agree that house desperately needs a proper architect to design a better flow?

Similarly businesses also need architects to ensure the business flows well and runs as efficiently as possible.

As business owners we start out with a dream:

Ability to pursue my passion without answering to someone else

Enough money to live the life I want

Time to spend with those I love and pursue other interests

So many of us then get consumed by starting and running a business that we don’t take the necessary steps that will actually lead to the fulfillment of one or more of the above dreams.

Then we get stuck in a rut, frustrated, tired and often wondering why we started the venture and have no idea how to break out of it and make the right changes.

Business Architecture will show you the steps you need to take to regain control and reach those dreams!

These simple step by step processes will allow you to:

Decrease repetitive and ineffective communication

Quickly and easily train new and existing employees

Reduce time spent checking up on employees

Get the most out of your marketing dollars and effort

Increase profits through referral sales

Retain happy clients for repeat business

Regain your passion

Take back control

Realize your dream

Aren’t a few hours of time up front worth all of this?