Productivity Drop

Do your business habits change during the holidays?

In Business by JW

For many small businesses, I work with this time of year is rough.

There is so much to do and deal with both personally and for the business.

One of the biggest complaints I hear is that productivity plummets around the holidays and it is hard to stay on track.

This is the reason I just did a half-day workshop on productivity for an incredible group of small business owners.

Over the years I have discovered that there are some serious traps we fall into that completely kills our productivity.

Sadly, we often do these things, thinking we are getting more done, but day after day it just turns into “Man, I was crazy busy today, but I didn’t actually accomplish anything!”

I know you’ve had days like that…some of us have had years like that!

I’d love to be able to share some tips that have helped my clients rock it through the holidays to continue on the path towards achieving their goals.

I created a free download of my Top 3 Productivity Pitfalls and how you avoid this trap:

Here’s to your success!