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Does your Business Get Holiday Overload?

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Is your business prepared for the holiday rush?

I know for many businesses there is often a boom in sales, which is great!

But if you are not adequately prepared you will feel like you are drowning and the exhaustion will keep you from enjoying this time of year with your loved ones.

I found this to be very true with a client who had a product that was in high demand over the holidays.

She had just a very small staff and did most everything herself.

Therefore the holidays meant a huge amount of stress and overwhelm for her and her staff.

The biggest problem was that even during a normal time, though she was always extremely busy, she was not actually productive and moving her business forward.

This was just amplified during the peak holiday season.

By working on small productivity improvements, she was able to more effectively and efficiently handle the onslaught of orders without the normal overwhelm.

How are you going to keep up with the demand and not run yourself into the ground?

I’d love to be able to share some tips that have helped my clients in times like this.

I created a free download of my Top 3 Productivity Pitfalls and how you avoid the trap here:

Plans are nothing; planning is everything. – Dwight D. Eisenhower

Here’s to your success!