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Forget the 4 Hour Work Week

In Business by Jenna Waites

Did you find yourself working on Easter?


It is stressful being a business owner. Do you ever start out thinking that you went from a 40 hour a week job to working 20 hour days, 7 days a week; no 2 week vacation, no free nights or weekends?

But you’re your own boss now right? Save for the clients breathing down your neck.


Like others, I’ve been taken in by the allure of promises of a nearly hands off business, working only 4 hours a week. Yet this prospect can seem overwhelming and it is hard to even know where to begin. Which leads to inaction….and what does that get you? The same position you are in now; overworked and in desperate need of not just a holiday weekend off but a proper vacation!


There is hope however! Instead of a 4 hour work week, let’s first start working toward a 4 hour work day.


It is important to look at the one change that will make the biggest difference on your time and start there. This will provide several benefits.


  1. It is easy to focus on 1 item to avoid the feeling that there is just too much to do.
  2. Working on 1 aspect of your business where a change will produce a win for you will give you more incentive to continue making changes.
  3. The law of inertia is on your side. Action leads to more action.


Routines are amazing…when they are working for you. If you are finding that your daily routines are not bettering your business and freeing up your time, then it is time to change those routines. I’m not going to sugar coat it and say that it does not require some time and effort, but if you were scared of a challenge you wouldn’t own your own business.


No more excuses; determine your priorities and take action TODAY to secure the future you desire…and deserve!