How to Record a Webinar You are Attending (or don’t have time to attend)

In Business, Tools & Tips by JW

Do ever miss a webinar you wanted to watch because but didn’t have time to tune in it aired?  Did you realize the vast majority of webinars are NOT live? That is good news for you. There are plugins that will allow you to download pretty much any video online.

So all you need to do is login to the webinar, at any time prior to it ending, and spend max 5 minutes (if it is a LONG webinar and your internet connection is SLOW) to download the video to save and watch when you actually have time.

webinar1The plugins I use are: Ant Video Downloader (Firefox) and Fast Video Downloader (Chrome). Just go into your browser’s add-ons/extensions and search for them. Then after you download and active them all you have to do is click the icon in your search bar for any video you want to download!
Now you won’t miss valuable content…or a cool product or service you might need! 😀