How to Watch Videos Faster

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As a follow up to last week’s Time Saving Tip, here is another time saver related to videos.

I don’t know about you, but I often get frustrated with how slow some people talk and just want them to get on with it so I can get the information I need more quickly.

So I always watch my videos in Windows Media Player (should come on EVERY windows machine…if not Google it to find the download). Media Player has this awesome hidden feature that allows you to actually speed up the playback of your video! Now there are other players that also allow to control the speed, but I find them more cumbersome to use.

video features



To access the speed controls in Media Player, right click in the top bar of the player and “Enhancements” then “Play speed settings.”





video speed


This will then open the play speed control panel in another window that you can either keep on top of the video for easy manipulation or click on the player to hide the controls…which will just then put it behind your video…you’ll see another instance of your browser open in your computer tool bar, which if you click on it will pop open the controls again.



Now you can control how much you want to speed it up or slow it down based on how much you need to pay attention. I find this an great way to consume information more quickly.