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Do you get the Holiday Business Blues?

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Does your business go through a depressingly slow time during the holidays? I know the holiday season for many is a turbulent time. In my daily work, I get to meet hundreds of small business owners and hear about the issues they have during this time of year. For example, one owner I worked with struggled greatly to keep sales …

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Top Productivity Pitfall #3

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**** Emails and Phone Calls **** Wait, WHAT? It’s ok if you are thinking that right now; so many of my clients have totally balked at me when I tell them to “cut it out.” Ok, now before you just throw this document into the recycle bin, I am NOT telling you to never do emails or phone calls. So …

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How to Watch Videos Faster

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As a follow up to last week’s Time Saving Tip, here is another time saver related to videos. I don’t know about you, but I often get frustrated with how slow some people talk and just want them to get on with it so I can get the information I need more quickly. So I always watch my videos in Windows …